About Wines (2017 vintage)

2017  Green Songs Sauvignon Blanc 

Outstanding grape fruit flavour.
Dry style with delicate fruity aroma and pleasant acidity.
Finish with harmonious wine and rounded taste.


Alcohol 12.5%

Residual Sugar 6g/L

2017  Green Songs Funky Sauvignon Blanc 

Unique Dry Sauvignon Blanc with good backbone and clear acidity.

Starting with subtle oaky aroma, the wine shows exquisite balance of freshness and creaminess.

Grapes were grown with minimum intervention and so was wine making process.

Barrel fermented and aged in ten months, gone through 100% malolactic fermentation. Bottled unfiltered.


Alcohol 13.3%

Residual Sugar less than 0.5g/L

2017  Green Songs Pinot Gris 

Dry style

Elegant and full-flavored with a flowery hint, especially rose petal. Delicate creaminess on first taste followed by a luscious texture with a rich yet dry finish.    

Alcohol 12.6%

Residual Sugar 4g/L

2017  Green Songs Dry Riesling

Dry style with character of the fruits and the vineyard micro-climate fully expressed
Well-balanced acidity and full aroma of the wine.
Fruity flavuor notably green apples on first taste leading to a well-balanced acidity and deep texture.


Alcohol 11.5%

Residual Sugar 9g/L

2017  Green Songs Pinot Noir

The first release of Pinot Noir from Green Songs.
Destemmed and cold-macerated grapes grown at Waipara.
Fermented and matured for a year in French oak casks (30% new). Bottled un-cold-stabilized and un-filtered leaving a little more CO2 dissolved.

Deep ruby full bodied wine, with a fresh bouquet of herbs and spices.

Very good depth of cherry, plum and spice flavours, savoury, earthy notes adding complexity, and a moderate firm finish.


Alcohol 13%

Residual Sugar less than 0.5g/L

About Label


The family put their each skills into making labels; hand-designed by Kuniko and designed digitally by Jun.


The colours of each label express the character of the grape varieties and difference of wine-making process.

Light green (Sauvignon Blanc), Violet (Pinot Gris), Golden yellow (Riesling) and so on.

The shape of "double-comma crest", which is the crest from Kohei's family, consists of those which contribute to making beautifully-tasty wine from sustainably grown grapes.

It also conjures image of "Yin-Yang" duality forming a whole.

As halves are chasing after each other as they seek a new balance with each other, we respect the connection and interdependence onto Moon/Sun, plants/animal, climate/soil and armonize with them in whole wine-making process.

Vintage Report 2017 


It was the fourth vintage in 2017 and the first vintage as we integrated our label to "Green Songs". Back to what we wanted to achieve when our winegrowing started, we poured so much attention to the viticultural aspects with pursuing more precise canopy management such as shoot and bunch positioning. 

As the results, despite of the three cyclones' encounters to New Zealand in the first time in observation history, we have successfully harvested high quality grapes.

<Weather outlook and grape conditions>

The 2016/2017 growing season was very challenging because of a cold summer, less sunlight days and the cyclones. Thanks for the last three years' site-specific experience and knowledge of grape growing combined with controlled crop load, we could achieve an ideal ripening of grapes.


<Crop load>

Compared to 2016 vintage, we had 20% less crop, which is just on historical average. We had loose bunches with great flavours.

Harvest dates

1st Apr 2017 Cloudy☁︎ Pinot Gris

8th Apr 2017 Sunny☀︎ Sauvignon Blanc

10th Apr 2017 Sunny☀︎ Riesling

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